Outdoor photo festival
Saint-James - Normandy - Mont Saint-Michel bay

10 photographers - 100 artworks
june 12 - september 29  - 2021

REMP'ART Saint-James photo Festival

We are very happy to present this first edition of the "Remp'Art" Festival. We hope that it will be long-lasting and become a strong cultural summer event in the Mont Saint-Michel Bay.


This project imagined by Christian LAYE, resident of the town and keen on photography, has been able to unite and bring out a collective of passionate and motivated citizens.


This group of volunteers worked hard with the New Township of Saint James to embark on this great adventure. This festival will provide accessibility for all to photographic culture.

The public will be able to discover 100 photo works produced by ten photographers which offer a very diverse range of shots and allow the discovery of very eclectic universes.


The exhibition is complemented by an exhibition of the emblematic landscapes of our magnificent Bay of Mont Saint-Michel. Along with this exhibition, we are offering a walking tour "Flânerie de Saint-James" which aims to introduce visitors to the history of Saint-James through a booklet available at the Tourist Office.

Exposition photo en Baie du Mont Saint-Michel
Exposition - événement culturel en Baie du Mont Saint-Michel

The team

The entire Remp'Art Festival team welcomes you to the first edition of this outdoor photo exhibition.


We will put all our energy to make your visit to Saint-James a moment of conviviality and sharing.